Customer Experience Management (CEM) is what we do. 

KMS can manage your marketing contract process for you, from beginning to end. We can assist you to plan your communication, we can help you create the marketing material and work with you to achieve the right contact and relationship management strategy.

We’ll manage your customer response and we’ll report the results to you in a way that’s meaningful, and increases your knowledge of your customer, giving you a better picture of them and giving you the opportunity to improve the quality of your relationship.

One company, one point of responsibility; exceptional customer experience. Our goal is to move your customers from satisfied to loyal and from loyal to advocates.



  • Profiling your current and potential customers
  • Develop in-depth survey formats online or in hard copy
  • Analyse and report

 Inbound Contacts

  • Manage 0800 Customer Contact centres
  • Receive inbound calls, process payments, fulfil stock/promotions orders and handle invoicing & receipting
  • Specialists in charity donation processing, banking and receipting with a dedicated account manager

 Outbound contacts

  • Call Centre Management
  • Outbound phone Campaigns, 
    including appointment setting
  • DM, Email or SMS campaigns
  • Creative material development
  • Print management and print quotes
  • Quality Control
  • Personalise your communication
  • Standout marketing pieces
  • DM Distribution for mailing
  • Fulfilment Services

 Data services

  • Database development
  • Database management
  • Clean your data
  • De-duplicate
  • Cross-matching
  • Manage your campaign responses
  • Data extracts
  • NZ Post discounts


 KMS Online

  • We can build and house a website interface
  • Access and manage the database
  • Update details and enhance communications
  • Build and edit Email Campaigns
  • Google Analytics