"Remember, our objective is to turn your occasional customers to loyal and loyal ones into advocates"

  • Profiling your current and potential customers
  • Develop in-depth survey formats online or in hard copy
  • Analyse and report

Data analysis is a particular strength of KMS.

It’s the skill and experience of our analysts that makes the difference. Do you want a better “picture” of your existing customers – so you can understand and find more? We can help through sophisticated profiling of your existing customer database allowing us to target more like them.

How do we do that? We’ll learn all we can about your customers (age, gender, occupation, socio-economic) and their value to you (recency frequency, lifetime value), and then match this against Meshblock or Mosaic demographics (or other demographic profiling software) down to street level, giving you a comprehensive demographic picture of where to find your best prospects.

Through KMS Connect we can log onto your database and check on campaign progress.

We can also develop in-depth survey formats for you, either on line or in hard copy, which can deliver statistical or satisfaction ranking information. We can then analyse and report on this to you. You’ll get a clear picture of not only who your customers are, or are likely to be, but also what they value in their relationship with your business and what you can improve to make their interaction with you even better.

Remember, our objective is to turn your occasional customers to loyal ones and loyal ones into advocates.

Let’s get started.