About Us.....

KMS is proudly independent and New Zealand owned with over 22 years experience in the industry. We can offer you expertise and guidance, and we understand you'll have specific objectives in mind.



1Point of responsibility


Customer Experience Management (CEM) is what we do.

KMS can manage your marketing contract process for you, from beginning to end. We can assist you to plan your communication, we can help you create the marketing material and work with you to achieve the right contact and relationship management strategy.

We’ll manage your customer response and we’ll report the results to you in a way that’s meaningful, and increases your knowledge of your customer, giving you a better picture of them and giving you the opportunity to improve the quality of your relationship.

One company, one point of responsibility; exceptional customer experience. Our goal is to move your customers from satisfied to loyal and from loyal to advocates.


A few words from our founder

"Whoever is looking after your data must be passionate about it. It’s a business asset and should be treated as such. We’ll do everything we can to ensure it is of the highest quality before we mail or disseminate any piece of communication that represents your brand. The questions we always ask ourselves are: what does it feel like to be your customer and, how can we add value to that experience? If we’ve done our job, your customers are just that little bit more loyal." - Irvine Cooper