Data Services

“Mailings less costly and your customer contact far more professional”

  • Database development
  • Database management
  • Clean your data
  • De-duplicate
  • Cross-matching
  • Manage your campaign responses
  • Data extracts
  • NZ Post discounts
  • Statement of Accuracy (SOA)

We are passionate about data quality at KMS, it’s what we are about. A number of blue chip clients trust us with their most precious asset - customer data.

We conduct qualitative customer survey work for many of these organisations too.

We’ll clean your data and thoroughly de-duplicate your database, often cross-matching against several information sources for best results, which makes your mailings less costly and your customer contact far more professional.

We’ll manage your campaign responses, extracting data from your own systems and using the knowledge that each campaign gives us to better improve the quality of your customer relationships.

We’ll also handle the New Zealand Post Statement of Accuracy (SOA), ensuring your communications qualify for NZ Post discounts.

As of 1st July 2018, NZ Post has raised the threshold to achieve the maximum postal discount to 95%, how does your data fare?

We consistently get our client’s over the 95% required for a Statement of Accuracy (SOA) to achieve the best possible discount, thereby saving you money.