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KMS is probably just what you’ve been looking for, and we’re pleased to help. Our skills span the entire contact marketing process, and what that means for you is high quality Customer Experience Management (CEM); you can trust us to manage any part, or all, of your marketing initiatives across any medium or channel.

What might that look like?

Logistics management, mail house services, fulfilment or call centre management, data management and analysis, Statement of Accuracy (SOA), list management and procurement, bespoke marketing systems development, and much more.

For many clients, we’ll develop or co-ordinate all of these functions. May we show you how our customer experience management adds value to your relationship with your customers?




Marketing Cycle

KMS can manage the entire marketing process for you, end to end, from the inception of the creative for your marketing piece, to the analysis of the results and any customer interaction or fulfilment.

But the beauty is, all our services are modular and can stand alone, or any two three or four can fit together. Choose any part of the process and we’ll deliver that aspect tailored specifically to your requirements.

KMS modular approach gives you complete flexibility and makes it easy to use us. You are not locked into services you don’t need, in order to get the ones you do require. You retain the control and we apply our expertise in the areas that provide the most value to you.

What does that mean? It means you get on demand, cost effective, specialised professional service, as and where you need or want it.


Common questions & answers

Help! I need a Statement of Accuracy, as mine has expired, can you do this quickly for me?

Sure can. Depending on the size of your database we can usually provide you with a new Statement of Accuracy (SOA) within 24 hours!  

I need help cleaning up my database, and really I need a CRM system, once it’s in shape. Can KMS help with that?

Yes absolutely. We can clean and prepare your data, verify its accuracy where necessary and custom build you a CRM system to help you understand and communicate with your customers better.  We’ll manage the process too. Let us take the headache out of it for you! 

We’re just about to run a campaign – can you laser and mail it for us and manage the responses?

Yes of course. We have a fully operational contact centre, and full mail house capability. 

How do you charge?

We’ll work out how to achieve your objectives in the most cost effective way and then give you a range of options to consider, depending on the level of service you require. If we are hosting your database, we have a range of services that come with a fixed cost, so you’ll know exactly what you are up for.

Do you need to hold our database?

Sometimes it’s better if we do, but it’s also common for us to access your database and maintain it via a VPN (Virtual Private Network), which allows us dedicated access from our premises.

Will I need to talk with lots of different people in the organisation for different tasks?

No. We’ll assign you a dedicated account management team, whose job it is to quickly come to terms with your requirements. This provides you with continuity of service and quality response.  

We want your KMS experience to be one that exceeds your expectations.

You’ll have specific questions you’d like to ask about your requirements, and we’ll be happy to answer them. Call us on 09 621 0470.